Bike Trip to Mandirs & Mausoleums (Vrindavan, Mathura, Agra & Fatehpur Sikri)

After much thought and wait, we (me and my roommate) finally bought bikes. As discussed and decided, they were of the same model

Backpacking to Sikkim

Having a friend in Siliguri made me plan a bold trip to Sikkim all the way from Delhi (as if there are no hill stations up north of Delhi 🙂 ).

Amritsar: Patriotism, Religion and Foood

Bustling lanes outside Harmandir Sahib ( aka Golden Temple), aroma of food, tranquility on entering Jallainwala Bagh and gushing patriotism on watching Wagah border more or less sums up Amritsar.

Hampi: The Forgotten City

Hampi, now a village on the banks of Tungabhadra (then, Pampa) in northern Karnataka, India. Once