Auli: Skiing Retreat, Trekking Haven and Amazing Experience

Auli, located in Uttarakhand, is an important skiing destination in India. At an altitude of 3000 mts above sea level with good slopes provide you an amazing skiing experience.

Backpacking to Sikkim

Having a friend in Siliguri made me plan a bold trip to Sikkim all the way from Delhi (as if there are no hill stations up north of Delhi 🙂 ).

Amritsar: Patriotism, Religion and Foood

Bustling lanes outside Harmandir Sahib ( aka Golden Temple), aroma of food, tranquility on entering Jallainwala Bagh and gushing patriotism on watching Wagah border more or less sums up Amritsar.

Hampi: The Forgotten City

Hampi, now a village on the banks of Tungabhadra (then, Pampa) in northern Karnataka, India. Once